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My story from NYC to Columbus Ohio. This is just to let you all know how and what I am doing, it may not be written well, it may not be funny but its what I am doing....and saves me telling the same story over again! ohhiohio@gmail.com

Aug 27
Breakfast & lunch for $3 for two

Might have to consider becoming an “extreme couponer”

Breakfast & lunch for $3 for two

Might have to consider becoming an “extreme couponer”

The Weekend

It was a busy one, after the emotional Friday mall visit we ended up going for dinner friends followed by blizzards at the DQ because that is what we now do on Fridays.

Saturday after working out, lawn morrow fixing, more mall-ing we went to a new to us pool which I can’t believe took all season to try out #fail followed by a “Italian Summer” dinner party which I managed to hold it together until about 10pm, another crazy night in the books.

Sunday we started with the Baptism of the newest baby in our friend group which was just lovely and ended it with SB’s annual family re-union which involved KFC, the perfect trashy&classy day.

I did not seem to take any pictures though….so did it really happen…..

Aug 24

A sign at the mall that reduced me to (pregnancy induced) tears and all the candy that followed as stopping for wine is no longer an option when you can’t find anything to wear that actually makes you look like you are growing a baby and not just massively chunky

Aug 22

One of my favorite break the news to was SLB. Who being an Louisiana expat in OH quickly became one my best friends, drinking partner, football teacher, little brother kind of guy and I was actually kind of worried to tell him. Our firt football season here together we had a deal spend the time tailgating to get boyfriends/girlfriends to make it through hibernation season with to prepare for pool season and doo all the ‘couple” things together. I held up my end of the deal….someone else didn’t……Anyway 4 years ago we met at my pool and went to a wine festival and every year I make him take me to celebrate our ‘friend-erversary”….

Pic 1  Me- I am not drinking today Him - why on earth not?

Pic 2 Me - am having a baby

Pic 3 Him - you are actually kidding aren’t you?

Pic 4 Me - yes am kidding…… no seriously am having a baby

Pic 5 Him - hold on what about about vegas**? Me - my proof that you are entirely self absorbed and obsessed with tinder

** we had dinner/bar drinks and wait to the GNR concert in Vegas with SLB and he didn’t notice my fake drinking the whole time…..and that’s what we do together…drink!

Then there were the Brits…..I think there was less surprise on this end.  Being kind of old and recently married people were definitely expecting it more.  Combined with trying to keep a casual lets face time this week and missed calls with no lets video instead I think sometimes they knew before we said anything but still we tried to capture some of the looks of happiness!

These calls often resulted in my crying after as it really brings home how far 3000 miles is and virtual hugs deff don’t feel the same.

Breaking the news….this has been one of my favorite things to do, mainly because of all the love we have received on telling everybody about baby barker.  Like I knew we had some lovely people in our lives but this really did take it to another level. What was funny about telling the Cbus people was how surprised they were.  I was convinced a few people knew, we had been going out less, going home earlier plus nearly everyone in our close set of friends is having a baby this year! Turns out they had all been thinking that I had basically abandoned to hang out with “more fun non preggo people” so there was some genuine surprised people! Work was also not that hard to fool although they were expecting something as I had been coming in late/leaving early I had also been dressing a little smarter on these days so their first thought was I was leaving….again not a bad trick to pull!

We tried to capture some peoples reactions that mainly resulted in blurry i-phone pics especially as SB liked to tell people we were “expecting” which seemed to confuse the under 60 crowd….

Pregnant Fridays pretty much the same as hungover Fridays

Pregnant Fridays pretty much the same as hungover Fridays

Aug 21

18 weeks First maternity clothing purchase

Half leather half legging pants

Am clearly halfway to embracing motherhood

Aug 19

The art of fake drinking

In what became one of my new skills……


 Keeping our l little secret a secret is proving harder and harder. We started off by turning down invites for the first couple of weeks but now summer is in full swing it’s getting difficult without giving the game away. Which until there have been scans and tests and all that scary stuff we aren’t telling anyone.  Which is kind of two fold. There are people I want to tell face to face, which may prove impossible based on most of my love ones being 3k + miles away, there are missed calls with all the time differences and people being busy and now with the tests are so close I feel I could be jinxing it if I tell anyone. I think most people I know will be happy for us but I am worried that some wont. Am also this is pretty much not a surprise to anyone except us!  And I don’t think I have ever been as scared or anxious as I have been waiting to get to this magic 12 week number. I almost feel I have not let myself be happy until we get to that point and boy can it be scary.  It’s like I am almost expecting the worse to happen.  Especially as we/I have been so lucky and fortunate this past couple of years it almost feels I am not allowed for this to go well.

So keeping the secret, club soda is my number friend with ginger beer being my special treat. So far I have emptied a beer can and filled it with club soda, decantered a bottle of alcohol free wine mixed with water into a wine bottle I got from a bar, massively tipped bar tenders to make a soda water look like a cocktail none who really got what I was saying,  pretended SB was so drunk he needed to drink water (clearly nobody would believe it the other way round) and basically caused SB to drink double the amount. It hasn’t been that bad when we are bar hopping around. But for kickball last week which I keep kicking myself out so I don’t have to run to any bases/risk get smacked by a ball I avoided happy hour after by coming straight from work with my car, I got yelled at least 3 times by 3 separate people.  Even a new guy who didn’t even know how “good” I am at these happy hours.  It could be a long summer

Another note the whole time I was in England I felt every bar had this “mocktail” menus catch up America!

Aug 18

Two Milestones

I apologized to the ultra sound technician for my uncooperative fetus today which is the first of probably a bajillion apologies that will be made on behalf if this little person. BB responding by waving then turning it’s Halloween esque facial features at us which I interpreted as F-off with all the prodding. I would post the video but it seems inappropriate!

Said feutus also made it into day care which I was ridiculously proud of, mainly due to my brownie sending bribery techniques!

Happy baby growing day

I was reminded again how lucky I am when SB agreed to spend Friday night watching my “favorite movie of all time in the whole world ever” in the bumpy park whilst having my current favorite dinner choice … Snacks

Aug 15

Aug 13

feeling all the [lovey dovey] feels today. 


feeling all the [lovey dovey] feels today. 

Aug 12

Some things that have been happening

Aug 1
“Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level belong together. As lovers, or as friends, or as family, or as something entirely different. You just work, whether you understand one another or you’re in love or you’re partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.” (via thequotesymposium)

(via talklikealady)

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